Together with our customers we observe the market and react to new, specific and extraordinary requirements by adapting our products to new application requirements, modifying them or developing them from the ground up.

Product Line VLP

Since 2015, stricter PAH limits and additional categories have applied for the German "GS" mark. All our products meet the strict requirements of categories 2 and 3 for obtaining this seal of quality.

With our "VLP" product family, we further meet the requirements of category 1 (materials intended to be put in the mouth or materials in toys with intended and long-term skin contact of more than 30 s).

Neoprene for extreme demands

We also coat neoprene with extremely resistant special knitted fabrics for example from Kevlar and aramid fibres. These coatings make it:

  • cut-resistant
  • tearproof
  • abrasion-resistant
  • stingtight

enabling it to meet a range of additional applications, for example in areas such as

  • protective and safety clothing (cut and sting protection)
  • outdoor articles (e.g. backpack bottoms, trekking equipment)
  • protectors (e.g. for sports and work protection).