Processing Guidelines

Important product information:

  • Closed-cell rubber is a material that does not remain indefinitely in its original dimensions and especially freshly produced material tends to shrink to a certain extent. This is unavoidable and inherent to the product. The degree of shrinkage depends on factors such as material type and thickness, density, ambient temperature, cell size, surface finish and storage time and conditions.

  • The figures shown on our data sheets therefore refer to measured values at time of delivery.

  • If our products are not processed within appropriate time, especially in the case of non-laminated goods, no guarantee can be given for compliance regarding shrinkage tolerances.

  • All technical data and information of our products are based on results obtained under typical application conditions. The recipient of those goods or information is strongly advised to make their own tests to determine the safety and suitability of each such product according to their own projected area(s) of application.