Product – Formats

We deliver our products according to your needs

  • as blocks / slabs
  • in sheet format (from 1.5 mm thickness)
  • in continuous rolls (up to 4.0 mm thickness)
  • as cut-to-size or die-cut parts
  • with smooth or embossed surface (coarse grid/shark, fine grid/mesh)
  • with blunt surface (open cell)
  • perforated
  • laminated with various textiles in a wide range of colours

Details on the available combination options can be found at "Inquiries / Orders". Otherwise we will be happy to assist you by telephone.

  • Closed-cell rubber is a material that does not remain indefinitely in its original dimensions and tends to shrink to a certain extent. This is unavoidable and inherent to the product. The degree of shrinkage depends on factors such as material type and thickness, density, ambient temperature, cell size, surface finish and storage time and conditions.
  • The figures shown on our data sheets therefore refer to measured values at time of delivery.